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Hi, my name is oldphoneguy and I like old phones and am a retired Voice Network Design Engineer. That is a long title and just means I can design voice networks, telephone systems and assorted other stuff. At the last place I worked we had a Call Center that took well over 450,000 calls a day and it was just one of several Call Centers. All the sites were interconnected. I worked with a great bunch of people, but after a while, I decided I would be happier being retired, so here I am.

I want to share some of the things I did on that job and odd and ends that apply to old telephones and modern networks. The Contents to the left shows you what is on this web site. To get back here, click on HOME. Or, you can use your browser back button. I hope you enjoy the items on this site and I will try to update it every so often, retirement keeps me very busy!

This site is simple in design, no fancy pictures or colors.  Be sure to look at everything, some topics are buried deep. This site was started late February 2008.  Check back monthly. On older PC's you may need to adjust resolution or size to view some documents or drawings on your screen.

The level of this web site is just past beginner to advanced. If you are not technical, read it for entertainment.

There is a lot of information on this website, when you click on some of the links at the left, a page will open with additional links to more information. Make sure you look at each link and read the information associated with it.



NEW - Local Battery to Common Battery Conversion - HERE     GREAT BOOK!

NEW - Old Dial Tone (under development) - HERE

NEW - AE Bulletin on Repeat Coils - Courtesy of Steve Cichorsky - HERE 

NEW - Remote Monitor over a Pair of Wires on the Telephone Project Page

MORE - Pay Phone Cards - Print them out, change the ones on your pay phone - Look Left

Here is a new link I discovered .. try it   ... http://www.prc68.com/I/phones.shtml 

REVISED - Pay Phone Controller/Simulator - Revised Version PDF Format HERE (With full instructions)

New Project - Build a Bell Chime from an Old Ringer Box

Update - Test Numbers (Look at link on left)

New - HERE - Loading Coils   (Update)

New - Local Battery Conversion to Common Battery  (Simplified version of the book)


My Last OFFICIAL Work Picture

Yes, a Dilbert Tie and a Pocket full of goodies


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