To add the SPDT Switch you will need to be able to read a schematic diagram, identify a specific part and be able to solder.

Two diagrams are shown, but only the portion of the diagram you will be working with the coils that are part of the oscillator. There are two coils, one is for the low group of frequencies and one is for the high group of frequencies.

The revised drawing shows the installation of a switch to select either the 1447 Hz tap or the 1633 Hz tap. It is shown in the 1633 Hz position, this is the Autovon tone. The third column of the dial will generate the Autovon tones when you push 369*.

It is best to use an early version of the WE Touch Tone Dial that has wires on the switches and not the version were the switches are directly soldered to the circuit board.

The switch can be mounted anyplace on the telephone set that you want. The most popular spot is to hide it in the area under the top of the phone where you put your fingers to lift the phone. This hides the switch from view and the appearance of the set is not changed.

Considering the cost of an Autovon telephone set on E Bay, this is a very low cost alternative.

Every time you call an auto attendant or make any connection with a piece of automatic equipment waiting for you to input Touch Tones to control something try an Autovon tone and see what happens. Donít worry there are no telephone police!