This is a simplified drawing and some details have been left out.

The 794 Prefix is at the home of Kyle Roberts. This location has a medium speed Internet connection. The Xbox limits the available bandwidth and QOS (Quality of Service) setting are necessary in the router/hub.

The entire family uses PCs at various times.

Printers are not shown, but are on the network.

NOT shown is the 795 Prefix, this is located on a separate Asterisk Server about 3 city blocks away. It is served by a Fiber Optic Network and has a higher available bandwidth.

Asterisk Servers can be accessed remotely.

It is possible to use FXO and FXS ports located on the Asterisk Server to provide services to the Future telephone systems.

An actual drawing of the complete detailed network would require the use of transparent overlays to show all the connections.


This booklet and the drawings were made using Microsoft Visio and then pasted into Microsoft Word.

Most Network Engineers use Microsoft Visio to make Network Diagrams.

In Visio it is possible

to link symbols to text files, pictures or Internet links.

Test written by:

Kyle Roberts

Document prepared and drawings by:

Colin T. Chambers