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The Bell System Memorial a very comprehensive web site and I suggest you order the CDs:

 Telephone Collectors Sites: (Join them)    



 Old Telephones Part Source:


 Another Telephone Parts Source is:

Telephone Cords (Cloth Too!)


 Converting your rotary dial phone to a Tone Dial with memory:  (and Pay Phone parts)

             Look for the “rotatone” 

 Doing your own telephone station wiring:


 Telephone Schematics and Diagrams:


 Information from Canada (US & Canadian Phones):

Text on Repair of Old Telephones:

          Helpful hints on telephone repair, they will also do it for you. Look at the links.

 General Tools and Modern Telephone Supplies:

Great on-line catalog.

Business accessories and special telephones. 48 VDC, 20 Hz, Power supply.

 Electronic Parts:

General electronic supplies, test leads, capacitors, relays, etc.       (Recently added a cable tester/probe kit)

MPJA for general electronic supplies, test leads, capacitors, relays, etc.


                        LARGE catalog of all kinds of parts


                        Not as large as Mouser but a very good source

Another Page with hard to find information links 


I like the page which has all the sounds, like old dial tone.

Old Catalogs and BSP’s     (BSP is Bell System Practice)


            Many scanned documents and catalogs. Also a page of internet links. Most complete collection of Pay Phone diagrams, courtesy of Jim Prather.

Kellogg Switchboard and Supply


                         LOTS of documents, well worth a visit (be sure and put a ream of paper in your printer before you visit!)

 Telecom General Information: