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After a few years of telling myself I would get it going, I finally did. To the horror of many who think web sites should be flashy and colorful it is not. It is simple black and white. The information it has is the important part, not the color of the pages.

I used Front Page to make this website and Visio to do the drawings. It is similar in design to the documentation I did when I was working. I got tried of issuing a THICK notebook of paper of all the technical documentation for work, I put it all on a CD like a website. Front Page is now no longer used and is part of a bygone era.

Most of the designs are a compromise design. There is the absolute proper way to do things, and then there is very good and so on. An example of this is the audio couplers, I use a cheap transformer, Triad Magnetic TY-145P from for $5 or a TU-016 from Mouser. I have used thousands of these, in a variety of circuits, never had a problem or a complaint. They are about the size of two sugar cubes. The purists or old phone guys (not me!) would say the ONLY way to do this is with a Western Electric 111C Repeat Coil (a pound of butter is a bit small in comparison). As far as they are concerned, my design is totally wrong. Well I say, try to find a 111C and then see how much it costs. Or to make a battery feed circuit I need a double wound relay on a large frame, perhaps the hold relay from a 212A KTU. I have not seen a 212A in many years.


Suggestions and corrections are welcome.

China 2006


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